Partner with us to make a difference!


Being plugged in to a local church is about more than attendance. That’s because God uses relationships to change us – and we can’t connect relationally by simply sitting in rows. God uses other people to grow us, and he uses us to grow other people. Being plugged in to the mission of our local church involves four actions:


If you want to grow spiritually you ?must be connected relationally.


Our love for God is validated by our service to others.


Giving is not something we do, it is who we are.


God uses other people to help you grow, and he uses you to help grow other people.





Partnership with DCC is synonymous with members of Christ’s body who are actively involved in the ministry of DCC.
Partners are those who understand the paradigm shift of “What do I get?” to “What can I give?” Specifically a partner will be called upon to help move the ministry of this church by continuously helping to create, lead, and resource our various ministry environments.


Partnership is important because it helps us  identify the people we can trust to lead and care for others. Partnership with DCC presents each person with the opportunity to serve in leadership positions.
These positions include the leadership of service teams, small groups, ministries, and also the serving within the leadership structure of DCC.


Anyone can partner with DCC by helping us in the four core areas: Connect, Serve, Give & Invite. However, leadership opportunities are only available to those who have officially partnered with DCC. This is available to anyone who has:
1. Accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and accepted the Bible as the rule of their faith and action, and 2. Gone public with their faith and identified themselves with Christ by being obedient in baptism.